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Dear all,

1. Due to really bad dA submission system is really hard for us to accept/decline. It came to my attention that most of you are too lazy to look for correct folder and you submit it to ?To Sort. Even if it is something completely obvious such: Twilight Sparkle. By doing so, from now on, you risk your art not being accepted. As I went through all art and decided on each I noticed that 80% are uploaded to ?To Sort. Please don't do this, you can only submit one per week so if you mess up you will need to wait.
2. A lot of you submit to wrong folders, art will be declined if you submit something really obvious to wrong folder.
3. Fan-fiction is no longer accepted from members. It is still accepted from mods and artists in the group. If you want your fan-fiction to be added to the gallery please send me a note: martybpix   (requirement at least 50 faves already, otherwise do not bother).
4. We cannot increase the limit because it too much art already as it is so what we encourage you is to submit your best work.
5. Art that put to storage will be removed on sight.
6. Expired = Declined because either it is on wrong folder or not meeting requirements but neither mods took action. Good art will be accepted on sight.

Thank you

Weak and Helpless Fluttershy by martybpix

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